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Offer selected images and videos you manage in CELUM directly on any web page. Simple, fast and effective.
brix:anura consists of a CELUM extension for the back-end and a collection of modular jQuery plugins.


Deliver the right assets to your visitors automatically and without having to re-upload them in your CMS. Manage the selection through the CELUM permission system that you are already used to.


All components are fully customizable and because they are actually integrated into your website (no iframe), they inherit most of the styles and can be adapted further through settings and CSS.

Mix and match

The front-end plugins are independent components that can be mixed and matched as you please. Further integration with 3rd-party components can be easily realized through the use of callbacks and events.


Designed to be reverse proxyable for use with varnish, nginx or a cloud provider (CDN) so you can add as many "edge caches" as needed to distribute the load. Compare the regular demo vs. the Cloudflare version.


See how our customers use brix:anura.

Swiss Federal Railways

SBB Media Center / CI-Net

gallery tree search resize custom baskets

Liechtenstein Marketing

Medien-Bilder des Fürstentums

gallery tree search sort basket + registration

Kanton Basel-Stadt

public image database

gallery noderef-tree basket + terms detail links

requires login

Connect Hearing BrandGate

Brand Portal (Intranet)

collage tree restricted downloads basket + terms

requires login

e+h Services

Safety Data Sheets

table infofield search basket document paging

Scott Sports

Marketing Gates

gallery tree filters responsive basket


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brix:anura Factsheet

In a nutshell - a summary of brix:anura in our standardized factsheet format, ideal for offline situations.

brix:anura vs. CELUM SmartViews

What exactly is the difference between brix:anura and CELUM SmartViews? Which is the right solution for your specific use case?

brix:anura vs. CELUM Reader

What's the difference between brix:anura and user logged in to CELUM with the "Reader" role? When should you use which interface?

Plugin- and API-Documentation

Techie? Read the complete docs to discover all the settings you can apply. Or just consult the API docs to interact with the server directly.


Meet the modular front-end jQuery plugins.


The classic image gallery


Vertically stacked content boxes


Full-width image wall


Tabular display with details


A real eye-catcher


Collect downloadable assets


Asset details and metadata


Main navigation component


Faceted and metadata search


Send E-mails with download links


Navigation path, ideal with $.anuraTree


Horizontal navigation bar